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This monthly membership is where it all starts. Hundreds of boss babes, like yourself, have gotten started with Junior Varsity and either learned graphic design, or improved their skills with my online courses. With this AFFORDABLE monthly membership, you are able to rent access to every course I've ever done, and can thrive regardless if you know photoshop or not.

What Our Members Say

Don't take my word on how awesome Junior Varsity is...

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"Without this class I would not have been able to create any of this I'm just so grateful!"

Carline Sanders

"I must say I have taken Graphic Design courses on Udemy, skill share, even Groupon and never gained the skills and design style that I wanted for my company. Thank you Erika Belvin

 for offering this program for us up & coming female bosses."

Queen Londa

"I'm learning from the best! Thank you so much, Erika!"

Carla Covington

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